Segolene KingSegolene King - Cosmosis® Mentoring Centre Operations Manager

Segolene King has been working as a qualified personal growth mentor and coach, trainer and spiritual teacher since 2008. Originally from France, Segolene found herself, at the tender age of 15, disillusioned and despairing about the prospect of living what most consider a ‘normal life’. She yearned for greater meaning and purpose, and yet felt so very lost... At a crossroads of choosing, she resolved that the only way forward was to create a life which would allow her to find herself, do something she loves, while contributing value to the world. Seeking a path beyond the boundaries of the familiar became a calling and an imperative.

She travelled alone to London at the age of 18, thereby kicking off her adventures while continuing her university studies in Europe. After a few years of searching in both the ‘wrong’ and the ‘right’ places, she set her feet consciously on the spiritual path at age 20. She underwent a profound spiritual awakening around the age of 21, which involved visions, remembrance of other lives and new illumined understanding about “life, the universe and everything”. Trying to make sense of it all and still searching, her journey meandered through a variety of spiritual teachings and traditions, including training in mediumship, Reiki and Sekhem healing, meditation, shamanism, Celtic traditions, ascension and angel workshops … and reading many books! Along the way, Segolene lived in several places including France, Spain, Northern Ireland, England, Scotland and Sydney Australia; each step of the journey bringing home new experiences, old memories and more learning.

Segolene KingIn 2004, Segolene embraced the Cosmosis® Alchemical path of personal transformation and heart mastery, and never looked back! She knew right away that this is what she had been looking for. In 2007, she made Western Australia her home. She continues to dedicate herself to her own personal betterment and spiritual growth, as well as to making herself useful in service to the Greater Good.

Segolene has an Australian University degree in Psychology (with major in Politics and History), Australian-government-accredited qualifications in Mentoring and Coaching and in Training and Assessment. She also has a French ‘Maitrise’ (=degree plus one year of post-graduate studies) in Languages and International Business. She speaks four languages, and has a keen interest in books, international politics and history. She is also a mother, wife, gardener and plays the piano.

Segolene is appreciated by Cosmosis® mentees and colleagues for her inspirational qualities, wisdom, compassion and insights into the workings of human experience…. And of course her French accent!