As the Centre of the Cosmosis® Mentoring Team Michael and Segolene King are the principle guiding force behind the Cosmosis® mentoring Processes.


michaelkMichael King - Cosmosis® Mentoring Centre Founder

Michael has experience in many varied fields ranging from engineering design, research, development and manufacturing, personnel management, college teaching, the entertainment industry, information technology, management and skills-based training, and alternative therapies. Upon leaving school he worked for the Australian Department of Defence Support for fifteen years. Michael then entered a period of many years wherein he studied with several well known Spiritual Masters, during which time he fully awakened to his real work in this lifetime.
He is fully Australian Government qualified as a Life Coach and Mentor. Michael has a diverse range of qualifications including: Fitting and Machining, Toolmaking, Welding and Hydraulics Trade Certificates from the Small Arms Factory at Lithgow, Associate Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, Certificates in Counselling, Metallurgy, Heat Treatment, Drafting, Computer Programming, Method Study, Engineering Management, Computer Numerical Control, Sound Engineering, Gunsmithing, Materials Resource Planning, Process Engineering, Crystal Healing, Robotics, Auto Mechanics, Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing, Diploma of Remedial Massage, and a Cert IV in Life Coaching and Mentoring.


Michael's hobbies include collecting and restoring vintage motorcycles as well as the extended family 'The Love Finders Band' which he and Rupert Guenther founded in 2016.


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Segolene KingSegolene King - Cosmosis® Mentoring Centre Co-Founder

Segolene King has been working as a qualified personal growth mentor, life coach and trainer since 2008. Originally from France, Segolene has always looked for a meaningful life. She underwent a profound spiritual awakening at the age of 21 and has never looked back since. She lived, worked, studied and traveled in several countries before making Western Australia her home. She speaks four languages and also has a keen interest in books, international politics and history. Besides her Australian-government-accredited qualifications in Mentoring and Coaching, and Training and Assessment, she also holds an Australia Bachelor of Psychology as well as a French ‘Maitrise’ (post-graduate diploma) in Languages and International Business. Segolene teaches the grounded, authentic and integrated Cosmosis® brand of spiritual growth. She is appreciated by mentees and colleagues for her wisdom, compassion and insights into the workings of human behaviour. In her capacity as mentor and teacher, she supports her mentees to self-actualise, personally and spiritually, in their own unique way. She is also a mother, wife, avid reader, gardener, plays the piano and sings. She shares her musical fun with her family and friends in the Love Finders Band.


Bachelor of Psychology, with Major in Political and Historical Studies (Edith Cowan University)
Cert IV in Mentoring and Coaching (Global Coaching Academy)
Cert IV in Training and Assessment (Australian Institute of Ethical Business Studies)
French university ‘Maitrise’ (=Bachelor+Graduate Diploma) in Languages with Major in International Business and Commerce – University of Strasbourg and University of Lille, France.


Watch the video below to get to know Michael and Segolene, the humans.... (filmed in early 2012)