Meet Our Cosmosis® Mentoring Team

Our CMC Mentors come from a variety of backgrounds and have a thoroughly diverse range of life experiences, which means they each bring a unique flavour to their mentoring work.

They all have professional qualifications in Mentoring and Coaching, and some of them have further qualifications in counselling, psychotherapy or complimentary therapies. All are in possession of professional indemnity insurance and have in-depth first-hand experience of the Cosmosis®️ personal and spiritual alchemical process.


Nerida Miles

Nerida Miles is a Cosmosis® Mentor, Coach, Healer, Trainer and Student Liaison within the Cosmosis® Mentoring Centre, also working in the area of Course Development and Facilitation. Along with Floristry, Parenthood and life experience, Nerida having a passion for working with children, initially as a Parent helper, then as a volunteer mentor with ‘The School Volunteer Program’, mentors in schools WA, Nerida holds government recognised qualifications, Cert IV’s in Life Coaching and Mentoring, Training and Assessment and Holistic Counselling, also Senior First Aid and a ‘Working with Children’ Clearance.

Nerida has developed programs and facilitates classes for kids and teens through to young adults in Meditation, Conscious Living – the importance of ‘Manners, Morals and Mastery’, Healthy Self Esteem and Energy Hygiene. Also working with Teachers and Mentors who work with children.



Nathan King

Nathan is a qualified life coach and mentor, holding a Cert IV in Mentoring and Coaching and a Diploma of Mentoring, Coaching and Interpersonal Facilitation. He dabbles with the bass guitar and is a keen motorcyclist, enjoying the aspects of mastery and discipline both activities require. 

Having spent most of his early life fighting through depression, he now endeavours to bring that hard-earned learning to others, to assist them in overcoming their own challenges. He finds great joy in championing the victories of others, working with them to become the best versions of themselves possible.

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Jay Birch

Jay is a qualified mentor, life coach, holistic counsellor and interpersonal facilitator with many years’ experience in youth education and family support. He is passionate about assisting other ones to remember who they are, find deep purpose, actualise their potential and create lasting change. He also has personal experience in struggling with hard drug addiction and hit rock bottom in 2014. He has been clean ever since and is an avid anti-drug campaigner who has lectured extensively in schools around Australia about the dangers of drugs.

Jay is also most thrilled to be the founder of New Men Arising.  This is a growing men’s group assisting men from around the world rise into greater states of love, clarity and wisdom.

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Marguerite Carney

Marg is a qualified Mentor, life coach, interpersonal facilitator, midwife, mother and transformational bodyworker. She loves to nurture and care for people’s hearts and walk along side students as they discover more about the truth of who they are.

Marg has great compassion for those caught up in the pursuit of fairytales and looking for love outside of self. She has, through her own journey found more inner peace and realises now that everything she ever desired from outside can be sourced within.

Passionate about helping people remember their inner strength, embrace their uniqueness on every level and stand in their own light.



Elinor van Ommen

Dr Elinor van Ommen is known for her holistic approach to psychological wellbeing. Elinor has worked in settings as varied as psychiatric inpatient programs (trauma focused practice), clinical research, education, palliative care, and private practice. Elinor’s extensive training and experience enables her to draw on multiple modalities to tailor therapy to the individual. Elinor combines the professional expertise of her clinical training with her warmth and compassion to facilitate a safe space for understanding, change and real growth.

Elinor brings her passion for integrity and ethical practice to her work as a Supervisor (Clinical Psychology, AHPRA approved). She enjoys working with a range of professionals, both those established in career, and younger trainees. Elinor is committed to reflective practice and to her own ongoing education, growth and development in order to bring her best to her work, her life and relationships.

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Dr. Jenna Cornell

Dr. Jenna Cornell is a Board Certified Holistic Physician and Fellow of the Royal Australian College of GPs and the Royal New Zealand College of GPs. She has a Cert IV in coaching and mentoring. Dr Jenna has enjoyed a rich life during her 25 years in medicine with a wide range of experiences working in private practice, emergency medicine and indigenous health. Because of this she has a real breadth of experience in many areas including chronic disease such as diabetes and heart disease, woman’s health, prenatal care and complementary medicine. She has worked with indigenous people from the bottom of the Grand Canyon to the Islands of Alaska, New Zealand and now Australia. She was blessed to learn traditional healing from the indigenous healers of these tribes and has combined this wisdom with her western medical training.

Dr Jenna goes beyond the presenting symptoms and works with her patients to find the root cause of dis-ease. Her indigenous wisdom combined with her holistic training allows her to integrate a variety of healing traditions. She works with the person as a whole: body, mind, emotions and spirit and through this empowers people to find wholeness through health and wellbeing.


Claire Newman

Claire Newman is a fully qualified and registered Clinical Psychotherapist, Certified Transactional Analyst, Psychotherapeutic Counsellor, Life Coach, Mentor and registered Teacher who has been working in clinical practice since 2012 and private practice since 2007.

Claire offers 1:1 or group sessions, and specialises in helping ones move beyond relational trauma, such as sexual abuse to free themselves from limitation and unlock their true potential. She works within a humanistic framework and brings both spiritual and psychological approaches to deal with life’s challenges and our inner experience. Claire’s passion is to get to the heart of the matter, by holding a compassionate, kind, yet firm, loving space. She knows that everyone already has the answers within them and are far more capable than they perceive. She finds it to be a privilege to work with people. It is a two-way, co-creative approach, where growth occurs when the intention is to find new and better ways to live.


Jenny Parker

Jenny has had many adventures in her quest to find the beauty of self, including riding coast to coast across Australia on a motorbike and sailing half-way around the world on a yacht. She has had many careers, including a design business in London.

Jenny aspires to assist others to get on track with living their purpose so that they may play their part in the grand enactment of life, giving back to the planet and living a meaningful life. For some years now Jenny has been officially working as a healer, writer, coach, counsellor, Cosmosis® mentor, facilitator and in the CMC course development and student mentoring support team.

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Asifa Ali

Asifa is a holistic counsellor, life coach, mentor and personal growth facilitator. 

She has felt drawn to working for the healing and betterment of humanity for as long as she can remember. She spent many years working in the fields of fostering & adoption and supported housing for vulnerable adults in the UK. This was followed by a brief foray into primary school teaching on her way to finding the modalities of coaching, mentoring and holistic counselling where her heart’s true calling lies.

Asifa has had a rich variety of life experience which she can draw on in her work with people. She grew up in the UK, spent some time living and working in France and also travelling through Europe. She is multi-lingual and her qualifications include a B.A. in French, Post-Graduate Certificate in Primary Education Studies, Certificate IV Mentoring & Coaching, Certificate IV Training & Assessment and Diploma in Transformational Holistic Counselling. She is also a professionally trained chef who loves expressing her creativity in the kitchen with the nurture and connection that good food can bring.


Debbie Bates

Debbie founded Vital Points in 2001, a natural healing business delivering high quality personal transformation services. Vital Points is based in the Perth and Wheatbelt areas of Western Australia with sessions available in person, on-line and phone for people living remotely. Debbie specialises in holistic self-care as a Life Coach, Mentor, Reflexologist and Social Worker. This includes facilitating workshops on transformational self-care and regular weekly personal spiritual development classes. Debbie has many years of experience in private practice, the corporate sector, holistic clinics, community services and is currently undertaking a post graduate course in Mediation and Family Dispute Resolution. My passion is to empower people to live in a state of wellness, harmony and self-sustainability while inspiring a positive sense of self-worth and autonomy to flourish.

Her qualifications include Coaching & Mentoring (Cert 4, 2008), Bachelor Social Work (2017), Meditation Facilitator Training (2022), Reflexology (Cert 4, 2001), Training & Assessment (Cert 3, 2010).


Julie Skinner

Julie draws upon her extensive experience in the Health Profession as a Registered Nurse, Manager and Educator. In 2012 she established her own business CoreTrue to  support clients to foster personal and spiritual growth, in alignment with their core values. She is the published author of "Nursing by Heart: transformational self-care for nurses" (2015). Her book offers both an introduction and ongoing support for all who care for others and are looking for  tools to apply in life that are self-loving and sustainable.

Julie listens deeply and brings compassion and understanding to those she works with whilst not shying away from a loving confront. She draws upon her many experiences including parenting, operating her own business, managing a team of nurses, and delivering a leadership program in Health. Her qualifications include Diploma of Mentoring & Coaching, Graduate Certificate in Health Leadership UoW and Certificate IV Training and Assessment. She is s a credentialed PCC coach with ICF.


Deb Seaton

Debbie is a Financial Wellness Coach, author and Mentor with an extensive background in financial counselling, offering advice and knowledge in the area of financial freedom by embracing abundance and success. Known for her ability to discover and clear blocks that prevent people’s full potential, Debbie offers classes, mentoring and coaching that examine every day money issues from a practical level while using the Universal principals of abundance to expand one’s life. Debbie is an active community advocate for financial accountability and encourages all to take control of their lives through responsible actions.




Rupert Guenther

Rupert is a life long meditator, with a background in self-esteem based wellbeing, mentoring, coaching, holistic education and the arts. He has students globally from a broad range of life paths and occupations, and is a international concert artist, composer, mentor, teacher and advocate for humanistic values & policy. His main focus is assisting people to find their own healing journey through self-actualisation in life, and the arts, and frequently is a presenter at a variety of international conferences. He also plays a role in fostering social activism which is inclusive and orientated to healing, tolerance and ways to creating harmony through resolution of conflict. He holds a Certificate IV in Mentoring & Coaching, and a Bachelor Degree in Music Performance from the University of Melbourne.

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Patti McBain

Patti began practicing meditation and yoga in her early teens in Perth and became a meditation teacher in her twenties in the USA and Europe and then later enjoyed being a meditation teacher training course leader in the USA and Canada. She was an AFS intercultural program recipient in her final year of high school and was drawn by the AFS motto Peace Through Youth. (AFS was born out of an ambulance corps - American Field Service - during WW1).

Patti co-owned and managed several Curves women’s fitness franchises for over 10 years and a Yoga Studio for another 10 years in Perth promoting holistic wellbeing. Having been involved in spiritual groups and organisations in the yoga and meditation world her whole life Patti knows from her own experience how essential self-esteem foundations, values and ethics, energetic hygiene and grounding are for integrated spiritual growth. She used spirituality and meditation to escape, avoid and override being human and earth life for many years and now works to embrace and synthesise it all. She knows some pitfalls of the path first hand and has compassion for others who have had similar journeys. Patti feels strongly that spiritual leaders and participants can all raise the bar and need to raise the bar to better serve. She is encouraged by, and proud of, the rare, high ethics and standards of the CMC and that all mentors and mentees are held accountable to these ethics.

In addition to a BA SCI, Patti holds a Certificate IV in Mentoring and Coaching and a Diploma of Holistic Counselling.

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Annei Errey

Annei is an artist, educator, writer, curator, coach and mentor with a passion for consciousness, philosophy and healing modalities that took her internationally to study. Growing up in the bush, off-grid, generated an affinity and appreciation for the natural world which blossomed a love in fine arts, music and meditation as a teenager.

She trained as a sculptor at the National Art School, took those learnings and applied them to life, enabling many creative expressions and explorations including a 20-year teaching stint at the University of Technology, Sydney and a foray into architecture at one of the country’s most contemporary architectural practices. 

She’s had the fortune of being mentored by significant practitioners through the arts and personal development. Now, in similar roles, her interest focuses on the intersection between spirituality, the natural world, the arts, and psychology that seeks to encourage individuals and humanities collective psychological clarity, its application and evolution for the planet.

She holds a Cert IV qualification through The Global Coaching Academy, 2010, post grad qualifications in Fine Arts and a graduate qualification in Education from University of Sydney.


Camille Nelson

Camille is a qualified life coach and mentor, holding a Diploma in Mentoring, Coaching and Interpersonal Facilitation. She has years of experience teaching for the Australian Girls Choir, and delivering musical education with the Western Australia Symphony Orchestra through their community engagement program, and runs a self-development class for teens.

Camille enjoys her own personal musical endeavors, exploring feeling through song, and encouraging others to find their own joy through creativity.




Campbell Carew

Campbell is a qualified Life Coach and Mentor, holding a Certificate IV in Coaching and Mentoring and a Master’s degree in Business Leadership. With decades of experience in technology and leadership, he loves helping people evolve, nurturing their natural abilities to be self-determined and expand their perspective of life.

Campbell is a champion for bringing more heart to the tech industry. He does this through the Mastery Framework, an approach to professional development that includes personal and professional evolution and values authenticity, uniqueness, a stronger sense of purpose, and ultimately, a more compassionate industry.

Alongside his coaching, Campbell enjoys sharing his knowledge by teaching project leadership to postgraduate students. He combines academic insights with practical experience, making his approach both relatable and effective. Campbell’s leadership style is all about guiding individuals to lead themselves with confidence and accountability.

In addition to his professional endeavors, Campbell’s creative outlet is drumming with the Lovefinders band. Campbell is best placed to help those aiming to shift towards self-leadership, empowering them to unlock their full potential and to thrive.

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Tanya Servaas

Tanya is a qualified mentor, coach, counsellor and psychotherapist who loves to empower others to be the best version of themselves in a way that is self loving, kind, authentic, goal-orientated and transformational.

She is passionate about self-care, wellbeing and lifelong personal and professional development and is a long-term meditator who shares practical and grounded tools with her clients. Tanya is an advocate of doing your own ongoing inner work in order to be able to truly support others on their journey and has worked extensively on her own personal and professional development with some amazing mentors, coaches, psychotherapists and teachers.

Tanya have many years experience in business, management, leadership, government, marketing, education and the arts.

Tanya has a Masters in Counselling and Psychotherapy, Graduate Certificate in Management, BA in Social Sciences, Certificates IV in Mentoring and Coaching and Training and Assessment.


Jane Bowles

Jane offers a calm, reflective space allowing others to connect to what is important & meaningful to them. She assists people to release unhelpful thoughts & behaviour, to heal, transform & bring new potential to their lives. 

She is the owner of Holistic Ways, assisting the wellness of clients as a qualified Massage Therapist, Life Coach, Mentor, Reflexologist, Meditation Facilitator & Fitness Instructor. She has many years experience in education, teaching physical education, sports science & wellness in high schools and colleges in the U.K. & Australia. 

Jane has had a rich & varied life, growing up in the UK, travelling and working in New Zealand, Australia, USA & India. Her approach is warm, calm, accepting, down-to-earth, inclusive, compassionate, respectful & patient. Her mission is to support holistic well-being for the betterment of self, community & planet.

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Arlene Miller

Arlene is an A-V Rated Colorado Attorney, a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation, and a Coach-Facilitator with a National Coaching Company helping corporate employees and university students to boost their confidence and self-esteem.  

Arlene provides Work-Life Balance Coaching for women in her private practice and one-on-one mentoring.  She is also a meditation facilitator with a Diploma in Transformational Holistic Counseling.   

Arlene’s greatest joy is to help the people she works with to compassionately and wholeheartedly lead themselves; to create a life where they experience less stress and more patience, kindness, and peace; a life where you experience more contentment and joy.

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Jen de Oliveira

Jen is a qualified life coach, mentor, interpersonal facilitator, meditation practitioner and mother with extensive experience in the fields of business development & relationship management. Working within an array of fields and global organisations which at the centre has been fuelled by her passion of working with people.

Its Jen’s belief we are each made of 'god' stuff, and that many of us have simply forgotten our sacredness. She is passionate about empowering others to find their way back to themselves, their true North and Sovereignty, to take command of their own ship, a journey she first needed had to take for herself. She believes it’s from that innerness we have the opportunity to experience the joy of truly living and become better able to bring ourselves to the world authentically, lovingly and able to be of service.

Jen is also the founder of Integrated Being – 'Alchemy of the Heart' where she offers 1-1 mentoring, coaching, meditation, sound immersions and self-mastery classes.

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Sophia Clewley

Sophia is a qualified Transformational Coach, Mentor and Holistic Counsellor, as well as being the Style Director at The Source Hairdressing salon. Sophia has been working closely with Cosmosis® Mentoring Centre since moving to Australia in 2007.

Sophia has been teaching Self Mastery/Meditation for several years and loves sharing all the tools and success she has experienced with her clients. She also loves seeing how people grow and blossom into more confident, compassionate, happier beings by making small changes and working with the tools shared in her classes.

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Indra Keliuotis

Indra is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, a Meditation Facilitator and a qualified Coach and Mentor, having obtained a Diploma of Mentoring, Coaching and Interpersonal Facilitation. Indra received her Masters degree in Social Work from the University of Connecticut, Indra has over 5 years of experience in the mental health field. Her passion is bringing healing to people who have been through traumatic and stressful events and helping them re-discover their passion and purpose in life.

Indra has worked with many different types of clients over the years and this has helped her to develop a solid approach for helping identify the root cause of challenges. Indra then applies various modalities to create an individualized plan which leads to measurable progress.  She is very intuitive and compassionate, but also very goal oriented and has helped thousands worldwide (both as a coach and as a therapist) to create major transformations in their lives.


Cat Cronin

Cat brings playful curiosity to Self-discovery, Wellbeing, Transformation & Empowerment by creating a safe space where making mistakes, feeling messy, not yet knowing, and the courage to just give it a go are celebrated. 

Cat has had the great privilege of working in London and around the world as a Designer & Fabricator partnering with Sculptors, Artists, writers, Creatives, Gallery's & Theatres.  Her greatest joy is to encourage ones she works with to tap into their true inner potential & assist them to find their unique way of expressing that. 

As a coach & mentor Cat offers her experiences of navigating recovery from a life changing car crash, traversing tricky terrain with trauma & what it takes to grow from a doormat to dynamite. Cat holds BA Honours Degrees in the Arts and has exhibited internationally & is a certified Coach, Mentor, & Keynote Speaker, speaking on Hope & Resilience within Universities, hospitals, Charities, groups and organisations.

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Charlie Cousins

Charlie Cousins is a seasoned Mentor and Life Coach, as well as a qualified and experienced Meditation Teacher registered with the Meditation Association of Australia. He leads weekly personal and spiritual development classes in Elwood, Melbourne, under the program "Meditation, Mentoring & Mysticism." In addition to his coaching and teaching expertise, Charlie is a professional actor with over 20 years of experience in theatre, film, and television. In 2018, he founded Hearth Theatre Company, where he serves as the Artistic Director.



Sue Goodwin

Sue is a qualified Life Coach, Holistic Counsellor, Mentor and Trainer.  She has walked an interesting and eclectic path of study, work and travel during her life. From growing up on a sheep farm in New Zealand, to studying and working in politics, travelling widely and working in many locations and occupations, to finding her true passion in the field of personal and spiritual growth.  

Sue works with compassion and insight to assist people to gain clarity, overcome self-defeating patterns and limiting beliefs and move towards their potential.  She has worked as a recovery coach and mentor in the field of mental health for over a decade and additionally, for the past four years, as a trainer, coach and mentor in the area of financial wellbeing.

Sue brings a creative and holistic approach to all of her client work and is curious about how we can each find our unique expression of living a balanced and integrated life in a spiritually-oriented way.


Antoinette Bozanic

Antoinette is a natural therapies practitioner that graduated from a Cert IV in Life Coaching & Mentoring, an Advanced Diploma in Naturopathy and an Advanced Diploma in Homeopathy. Her unique professional experience stems from a great interest in the mind body connection with health, in particular the connection with nature. She also holds a Bachelor of Design (Interior Design) having worked in the construction industry for seventeen years, designing and project managing large scale projects.

Antoinette has facilitated personal development classes for a number of years and enjoys working with people on their own healing journeys. Her mission is to empower people to take their health back into their own hands and embrace their choices. Educating and guiding them to listen to the innate wisdom within. These classes also give her an opportunity to share some of her own journey with others.