The Intent of Cosmosis® Mentoring

Transforming both form and energy through the development of consciousness, awareness and self-mastery.

The COSMOSIS® Mentoring System is all about weaving a supportive tapestry wherein our coaching and mentoring structure, the course content and energetic support will assist those upon the spiritual path to choose, reveal, integrate and actualize personal transformation through self- mastery, and thus lay the way for a new future of expanded choices of love, wisdom and harmony. Such choices affect both the gross Earthly destiny and the eternal journey of the soul. The Cosmosis® system itself is a multi-faceted and multi-dimensional energetic structure within which our culture is one of co-creation in, of and for Love.

We are not esoteric for the sake of it, nor are we profane for the sake of it. Cosmosis® conveys a sense of mystery and sacredness, fostering both planetary rapport and communionwith Universal Consciousness. This is accomplished from nine vantage points, intra/interrelationships with self, groups and Creative Source. The transformation process is self-initiated through the development of self-mastery and service to ‘All that IS’.    More.........