The best way to experience a taste of Cosmosis® is to try our free weekly global online class (click here for more information) and to do our free online introductory courses.

Our free online courses offer a basic introduction to some of our foundational teachings. This gives you an opportunity to try Cosmosis® and see if you resonate with our approach and energy, while providing you with some simple tools to begin your transformational journey with us.

These courses are entry level. Many people - especially those with some experience on the spiritual path - tend to snob the beginner and foundational content in favour of the glamourous ‘highs’ of spiritual activation. But in our experience, the foundational tools and teachings are the most important. A tree will grow big, steady and ancient only if its roots are strong and anchored in healthy soil; so it is with spiritual actualisation. Our spiritual growth blooms, in the long term, only if our personal foundations are strong and steady. When your foundations are clear and healthy, the refinement and activation on higher levels happens naturally and gracefully, in divine timing. Furthermore, the foundational tools are always the first tools to get you through times of healing crisis or intense clearing.

Every one of our mentee starts with the foundational teachings. We regularly undertake more foundation overhaul work with our existing mentees in order to reinforce the internal resources they possess, so they may reach higher and further into their greater potential.

The free introductory online courses are self-led. This means that you will work through them independently, without the support of a mentor or teacher. If you would like to be supported through some of these courses, you can book mentoring or coaching sessions with any of our CMC qualified mentors (at their standard mentoring session rate).

Click here to see more about our online free introductory courses and contact Jenny at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to begin your journey!